Jungle Stripe

Fridericianum, Kassel


“The origin of the word “hybrid” can be traced etymologically to two sources: Latin hybrida (mongrel, bastard) and Greek hybris (pride, arrogance). Unions between plants, human beings, animals and technologies give rise to flexible hybrids; organic and synthetic materials mutate into amorphous, indefinite beings. Neuroscience, bioengineering and science fiction enter into tacit relationships of complicity, blurring the once clearly delineated boundary between the natural and the artificial.

For her first institutional solo exhibition in Germany, Anicka Yi compacts the ground floor of the Fridericianum into an expansive installation. With sculptural and video works all produced specifically for the Jungle Stripe exhibition, she creates a complex structure of hybrid forms. In the process, Anicka Yi takes up constructions of nature and brings them to collision with scientific and colonialist hubris.”

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