Begin Where You Are

Gladstone Seoul


For her first exhibition at Gladstone Seoul, Begin Where You Are, Anicka Yi presents an exhibition of new and classic artworks from the artist’s oeuvre. In a self-metabolic process, the artist collapses space and time of over a decade of artistic practice. The works on view touch upon moments spent in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil and along the bubbling algae-covered coastlines of California, before returning to our present reality of machine and screen-mediated existence. This is Anicka Yi’s first solo exhibition in Korea.

Reflecting on the past few years, the artist asks, “What does it mean to reset in times such as these? What of the past are we leaving behind, and what new paths of becoming are opening before us?” While withholding any clear answer, the artist’s characteristic biomorphic and “techno-sensual” aesthetics blend aspects of synthetic and industrial life with entropy, sensuality, and abjection, all infused with a bright and playful palette that hints toward the stubborn resilience of life, even amidst global cataclysm.

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